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How to Convert MPEG-2 to MOV File

David James
Updated on Aug 29, 2023

MPEG (also referred to as MPG) offers a handy way to distribute compressed video files without sacrificing much of the picture quality over the Internet, and DVD use mpeg-2 video on a dvd disc. but MPEG itself is less convenient once you want to playback this file on Mac computer or put it in your iOS players (i.e. iPad) to enjoy on the go. Apple keeps a strict limit to the supported video formats of its products. So, to get .mpg/.mpeg playable for Mac smoothly, One of the methods to go is convert MPEG to .mov format or other Mac accessible formats including MP4 and M4V.

Let me say you create a bunch of video clips on a PC so that they are mpeg-2 format. Now you would like to transfer them from your PC to Mac and convert those mpeg into QuickTime mov files to be able to play those files on QuickTime and use for other Mac products further. Thankfully, there is a quick, simple and efficient solution to this problem: Video Converter.

Video Converter is what we're going to use to convert MPEG to MOV on both Mac and PC you're running. It converts pretty much anything to a nice .mov file type or other modern formats you can think of including WMV, MP4, M4V, MKV, FLV, AVI. In addition to a simple conversion of MPG to MOV format, it gives you the ability for advanced tweaking for the quality of output results. The program also has friendly preset profiles for those who want to converting videos for playback on multimedia devices such as iPads, iPhones, Android phones, tablets.

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I'm going to put Mac example here just to give you an idea of what steps you should do to convert .mpeg to .mov on Mac OS X. (here's how to burn your MP4 movies to Blu-ray using a BD creator.)

The first time you open the program, a simple interface brings up like this:

Stage 1 – Put MPEG videos into program

Open the folder on your Mac that contains the MPEG files that you want to convert for MOV format, drag them and drop onto the program window.

Also, you can use the "Add File" button on the left side of top menu to add your .mpeg sources.

After all files loaded, they will appear on the process list in program window. On the top menu bar, you may click on the "Edit" icon to do some basic video editing, depending on your needs.

Stage 2 – Choose the desired movie file format

Click on the "Profile" button, a drop-down small panel appears. There is a full list of different modern file formats you can choose from. For simplicity, we choose "MOV Video" profile from "General Video"category.

Stage 2.1 – Adjust profile settings (optional)

You can then dip into the video settings (bitrate, FPS, codec, frame rate, aspect) of MOV profile by clicking "Settings" button on the bottom center of program window to tweak the image quality and file size. The lower the settings, the worse the quality but get the smaller file size. Generally, you don't necessary to fine-tune their value as this Mac app has them optimized already.

Stage 2.2 – Choose device preset

Thanks to a large range of conceivable device presets, you can easily convert the MPEG videos or others for popular media or mobile devices, such as PSP, Xbox, iPhone, iPad, Surface, Apple TV, Android phones, which keeps you out of getting bogged down in profile settings in stage 2.1.

Stage 3 – Start the MPEG to MOV Mac conversion

Now, click "Convert" button located at lower right corner of main screen, and the program will go to work.

Minutes (or may be longer) later your new QuickTime MOVs will be successfully created thanks to this MPG to MOV converter for Mac. Also see how to convert YouTube video to AVI files on Mac/ PC.

That's it, you're done!

This tutorial aims to introduce the basic steps about how you can convert MPEG to a MOV format in Mac with the program. There are many more features in the program which allow you to change the level of converting files. Do yourself a favor!

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