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How to Reset Windows 7 Password on HP Comptuer (both Laptop and Desktop)

David James
Updated on Aug 29, 2023

Many people may ever forgot sign-in Windows 7 password on their HP desktop or laptop at some point. Incidents happens — we're only human. But what do you do when you now have no access to the data saved on the system? Before perform a dreaded system formatting or a hard guess, there are a numbers of ways to crack and reset Windows 7 password on a HP safely, all of which we will laid out one by one.

The solutions mentioned below will help resetting the password — whether it's a domain password or user account password, and therefore getting you back in HP computer running on Windows 7.

Use Windows 7 Password Reset Disk in HP

The easiest way to help you out of the "Forgotten HP Windows 7 password" predicament is to readily use the Windows 7 password reset disk, and of course you should have created one for HP machine before losing the login credentials. With it, you can bypass the original password and reset a new one. Get the instructions here.

Change Windows 7 Password with Administrator Privileges for HP

If there're more than one account on your HP machine with Windows 7, and at least one of those account is set up with Administrator level access, then recovering and resetting Windows 7 password is a fairly easy attempt. Just sign up for HP Windows 7 system with that admin account and change the password for your account under the User Account link in Control Panel.

Use a Handy Windows 7 Password Reset Applicationthe ultimate way

This is perhaps the almost-always-work option available when it comes to Windows 7 password reset for HP desktop & laptop, especially at the time when you have no password reset disk or another administrator account on HP's Windows 7 workstation. One of the nifty software programs is Tipard Windows Password Reset, which is solid and secure, and works for both local administrator account and user account.

Go to the Download Link above to download the utility and install it on an workable computer. The program is well planned, making it easy to navigate. As its name indicates, you can instantly remove or reset the login password on Windows 7 without reinstalling or formatting system, and then regain direct access to the locked HP desktop & laptop as usual.

The process for recovering and resetting a logon password on a HP computer running Windows 7 is straightforward, finished within a easy-to-handle software interface. Begin now:

Stage 1 — Burn a password reset disk

Fairly warning, this part performs on an operational computer.

On the opening window of the Windows 7 password recovery utility, choose the media type to which you tend to burn a Windows 7 password reset disc for the effected HP. Here we click Burn USB button (here you can use a CD/DVD if you have).

Insert a blank USB flash drive into the computer, then in the following screen click Begin burning button to burn the password reset disc.

burn disc

Stage 2 — Set the machine boot from USB reset disk you made

After burning, remove the USB drive from the accessible computer and get it inserted to the locked HP.

Start up HP machine and repeatedly hit the [BIOS Entry Key] to run setup while it's powering on. If you don't press the key in time, you need to shut the machine down and perform the boot process again.

Note: See the specified [BIOS Entry Key] on the bottom of the screen. For newer HP computers, it will be the F10 and Esc key; while on some old models, you'll be prompted to hit Delete key to access BIOS setup menu. Check the information in HP official site on BIOS Setup Information and Menu Options.

Once you're in the BIOS Setup Utility panel as shown in the screenshot below, navigate to Boot tab, this will expand Boot Device Priority option, allowing you to specify where your HP should boot from. Here we set [Hard Drive] as the 1st Boot Device. Instead, if you created a password reset CD/DVD disc in Stage 1, here you set it boot from [CDROM].

Tip: some computers may name USB options as USB-HDD, or removable device.

Then, press F10 key. The boot order should take effect and your HP Windows 7 computer will reboot automatically.

Stage 3 — Select Windows 7 account and reset password on HP

Wait the computer boots up and the program resetting windows will then shows up, like the screenshot below.

To reset lost HP Windows 7 password, you need to first select Windows 7 system, choose an user account (or more than one account) of which you forgot the password and need to get back, then click Reset Password button. The tool will reset login password to blank swiftly.

When you've done reset the password of all accounts on HP, click Reboot button on the lower position and unplug the USB drive. The HP computer will restart normally and you're now able to log into Windows 7 without password needed.

Once logged in, create a Windows 7 password reset disk to avoid the "forgot password" problem like this in future.

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