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How to Convert AVCHD .mts to .mov

David James
Updated on Aug 29, 2023

When it comes to video clips recorded by high definition digital video cameras and camcorders from Canon, Panasonic, Sony, there are several different file types – Some of them shot videos in .avi format, some others record videos and save in AVCHD (Advanced Video Codec High Definition) .MTS, and others may capture footage in .MOV file. Since MTS files are highly compressed, and do not let themselves to be edited 'properly', sometimes if you have a AVCHD .mts video you want to load it onto Mac and for editing afterwards in Final Cut Pro, for example, you might need to convert the MTS file to MOV ProRes that Final Cut Pro (X) likes.

With supporting 1080i and 720p high definition, AVCHD MTS file often uses the MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 codec to encoding video, and audio in Dolby AC-3. To keep a minimum loss of image quality, you would better convert the raw MTS to MOV h.264 on Mac. But you can also choose to convert to MOV with mpeg4 or Xvid codec if you don't care about the loss of quality.

Whether it's to edit your quality MTS in Final Cut Pro, or to play on a device, or for a specific need, there are a large number of converters for Mac and Windows out there that let users to convert video and music between formats. To keep things simple, Video Converter is the way to go for us. It makes converting MTS to a MOV as easy as adding source files, selecting the output, and clicking "Convert". It handles virtually other audio & video formats, The software also brings many presets to convert your videos so they're at the correct resolution suitable for the device you happen to have.

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Now, we are going to take a look at how easy to use the program to convert videos from MTS to QuickTime MOV file format. The process you will take on Macs is actually the same as that on PCs. Let's begin:

How to convert a MTS to a MOV in Mac OS X and Windows

Stage 1 – Install

Click on the link above to download the correct copy of the software and install on your computer.

Then launch it, you will see an easy to understand interface like this:

Note: here we have the basic three steps you need labelled with 1, 2, 3.

Stage 2 – Add MTS

You simply drag MTS file to the blank area of program window. Or head to "Add File" at the top left side (we label to No.1) to add the file.

This MTS converter lets you add nearly any type of video file, so don't hesitate to do that if you have multiple files needed to convert into MOV or other formats.

Stage 3 – Select output format the video will be converted to

Next, select the output profile for the type of video you want to create.

Click on the "Profile" (we label to No.2) button, it will pop up a dropdown menu list. From there you can pick up any type of format you like.

As we want to convert the MTS to a MOV format, we select "Genral Video" > "MOV Video". Find out more about how to extract audio file from AVCHD MTS to MP3 in Mac.

Stage 3.1 – Configure the settings you'd like to output (optional)

This is optional. For an experienced user, click on the "Settings" button next to "Profile", the output settings of MOV profile – like bit rate, codec, aspect ratio, and resolution – can be tweaked.

For example, if you tweak the value for bitrate, the bigger the bitrate, the bigger the size of the final video will be.

Stage 3.2 – Use preset

To make things easier again, this MTS to MOV converter provides a bundle of device-targeted profiles sorted by device name. You just choose the preset you need and the program will accordingly set the precise format you need. So, if you want to put MTS onto an Apple iPhone 6, for example, simply choose iPhone 6 and you're off.

Stage 4 – Edit the MTS video (optional)

Through "Edit" feature (see in toolbar), the converter also has some useful options such as the ability to trim and crop the video, put special effect onto video, as well as add set funny 3D experience.

Stage 5 – Convert the MTS on Mac and Windows

Once you've made everything just how you want it, click on the blue "Convert" (we label to No.3) button to begin the converting from MTS to QuickTime MOV format on Mac or PC machine.

See our detailed walkthrough on burning camcorder video files to Blu-ray.

A progress bar across the bottom of item lets you see the percentage of process it finishes.

For a quality MTS file, the entire process will take more time but the quality of final video will be excellent.

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