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How to Crack Password on Windows 7

David James
Updated on Aug 29, 2023

It's a familiar scene: Just like you do as normal, you power on your Windows 7 computer (PC or laptop) and type in the password on welcome screen—but you can't seem to get the login password right. It's never fun losing or forgetting a password, rather, you'll want to crack your password and gain access to Windows 7 system as quickly as possible. Luckily, there're tools and ways that grants you to get access to your stuff without knowing the original password you set before.

Now, you'll be directed to safely crack a Windows 7 password for easy access to the account by using different methods.

Option 1: Get Windows 7 Password Reset Disk

This is the easiest solution offered by Windows 7. If you have created a password reset disk before you forgot the password to the computer, it's actually a lot convenient to crack the password to Windows 7. Starting the password cracking process with the following steps in Windows 7 system:

1. Switch on Windows 7 PC or laptop, then get the password reset disk inserted to it.

2. On the login screen, enter a password in the Password field and press Enter. You will get a message "The user name or password is incorrect".

3. Click on "Reset Password" link. You'll then need to choose the location of the password reset disk. After that, type a new password and password hint.

Done! The password has been cracked effectively and you can now login to Windows 7 machine. If you have no Windows 7 password reset disk beforehand, read on and go about other methods explained specifically below.

Option 2: Use Windows 7 Password Cracker

Although you haven't created password reset disk, Windows 7 password can be still cracked and reset safely until you use a right password cracker. That's where Tipard Windows Password Reset comes in.

The software is easier to use than you think. It lays out the instructions in a nice little wizard that will walk you step-by-step to crack the forgotten password on Windows 7, and other Windows operating systems. It features a burning tool that automatically creates a bootable reset disk, then using it to reset the password in an effortless attempt. This principle is almost the same with Option 1.

Download the utility and install it properly on any accessible PC or laptop first.

Stage 1: Select media type to burn a reset disk

Fire up the software and you will be first asked to create a Windows 7 password cracking disk. Simply insert a blank CD/DVD or USB drive to computer, and click the "Burn CD/DVD" or "Burn USB" button. The burning process will take about 1 minute.

Cracking password to Windows 7 - burn disc

Stage 2: Set the locked computer boot from created password reset disk

Once it's done, set the BIOS of the locked PC to boot the machine from password reset disk you just created. To do this, press BIOS Entry Key immediately and repeatedly after the locked PC is powering on, until the BIOS Setup Utility window appears.

Note: The BIOS Entry Key is varied from different computer. Generally, DEL, F1, F2, F12 are most commonly used letter keys to enter BIOS. Please watch the screen carefully. In this example, DEL is the right key to get into the BIOS.

Cracking password to Windows 7 - enter bios

When you're on the BIOS SETUP UTILITY window, switch to Boot tab using the arrow key, then move to Boot Device Priority to set the boot order, depending on the media type of the password reset disk.

Tip: if you're using a password reset USB drive, here set the 1st boot device to USB-HDD or the USB device, or set to CDROM if you just created a password reset CD/DVD disc in Step 1.

After that, press F10 to save the changes and leave.

Cracking password to Windows 7 - set boot order

Stage 3: Cracking Windows 7 lost password

Next, pop the password reset disk into the locked Windows 7 computer and restart the machine. When everything passed, the program's screen will appear. Then, follow the instructions on the window to crack the login password to Windows 7:

Select a Windows system (Windows 7) and a user account, then click Reset Password button. Your selected password will be set to blank.

Finally, click Reboot button to restart computer. This way the password on Windows 7 is cracked, without reinstalling the system.

Cracking password to Windows 7 - remove password

Once you get access to Windows 7 laptop or PC, be proactive and go to create a password reset disk on it, so every time you forgot the password, you could easily regain access to the system by cracking password with easy walkthrough in Option 1.

Option 3: Cracking a Windows 7 Password with Command Prompt

To crack the forgotten Windows 7 password and recover access to your account through Command Prompt trick:

1. Make sure you have a beforehand Windows 7 System Repair Disc or Windows 7 Installation DVD. (How to Created?)

2. Insert either the disc into optical drive, and the reboot the machine and set it boot form the disc by changing the boot order in BIOS SETUP settings.

3. After it's on, set the language and preferences and click Next button. Then click "Repair your computer" link on the bottom left of the window.

4. Wait while for searching for the Windows 7 installation. Once it's done, jot down the location of the drive. It may be C: in general. Then click Next button.

5. At this point, on the System Recovery Options window that opens, choose Command Prompt option. Then execute the two commands:

copy c:\windows\system32\utilman.exe c:\

copy c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe c:\windows\system32\utilman.exe

6. Press Enter and answer with Yes when a question presented.

7. Remove the disc and then reboot computer by clicking the Restart button on the System Recovery Options window or using the computer's Restart button instead.

8. When the Windows 7 logon screen appears, navigate to the little icon that looks like a pie on the lower left of the window, click it, and Command Prompt window should open.

9. Now crack the password by using the net user command, replacing the username and password with whatever you like:

net user myusername mypassword

10. Close Command Prompt window and reboot the computer. After cracking the password, you should be able to login to Windows 7 with ease using the new password.

Option 4: Crack Windows 7 Password by using Admin Account

You may know that an Administrator account on Windows can change other users password if they forgot their logon passwords. The fact is that the Admin account is disabled by default so you must activate and configure it before locking yourself out of Windows 7 PC or laptop. If you've done so, cracking lost password by going through this on Windows 7:

1. Power on Windows 7 computer, press F8 until you see the Advanced Boot Options window.

2. Move to "Safe Mode" and press Enter. Then login to the system with Admin account.

3. Click Start menu and choose Control Panel to open it. On the opening window, click User Accounts, then Manage Another Account.

4. From a list of displaying user accounts, choose the one you'd like to change the password for, then type a new password and password hint. After that, click Change Password button to confirm the password you set.

5. You now close the User Account window. Log off or restart the machine and then try to access to Windows 7 by logging into with the password.

In general, the methods outlined above will help you fix the forgotten Windows 7 password problem and restore the access hassle-free. BTW, if all won't work, you could do a clean install of the system, but this will wipe out all files stored on your computer.

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