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How to Recover Password on HP Windows 7 PC

David James
Updated on Aug 29, 2023

"I tried to enter my login password, but my HP laptop didn't recognize the password and leave me a password or user name incorrect message. Is it possible to recover the password so I could get back in my account. My HP laptop is running Windows 7."

If you've kept many important and confidential files on Windows 7 workstation, you would certainly set a strong password for added security, preventing others from accessing to the information on your HP computer (desktop & laptop). However, we sometimes lost the logon password. Maybe the password is too complex to remember, or it will somehow slip away from mind. Whatever the reasons, there's still a chance that you can easily recover the password on a HP machine that's running Windows 7 system.

Part 1: Recover HP Windows 7 Password via Windows Way

Whether you've forgotten your Windows 7 password to HP computer, or had someone else change it without your permission, Windows offers a pretty simple way to recover. Learn the article about Resetting Windows Password on Microsoft official.

Option 1: Use the ready Windows 7 password reset disk

Here we'll start with the basic password recovery on HP desktop & laptop running with Windows 7. Whenever you created a new account on HP, you should create a password reset disk — this is a preemptive action that allows you reset the Windows 7 account password if you forgot it. Now you're ready to recover HP Windows 7 password by resetting the password with the reset disc.

1. On the login screen of HP machine, type anything in the password field. Press Enter and you will get a warning messages that says the password is incorrect. Just click OK to close it.

2. Click Reset Password link, and insert your created Windows 7 password reset disk. Then follow the instructions in the Password Reset Wizard to create a new password.

3. You're done and logon to HP with the new password to access Windows 7 account.

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Option 2: Using admin account to login and change user account

If your HP computer is on a domain and includes an administrative account (other than standard user account), you can easily use the administrator account gain immediate access Windows 7 on HP to make changes to your forgotten user account password. Here's how to do:

1. Boot up HP computer, and get logged in with admin account and password.

2. Click Start icon, click Control Panel to open it. On its interface, click User Accounts and then Manage Another Account.

3. You will be presented with all accounts with user names on your HP desktop & laptop. Select the one you'd like to recover the password, then click Reset Password link.

4. Type the new password you want to use, confirm the password, and enter password hint, then click on Change Password button to save the recovery.

Hopefully you've successfully recovered access to HP desktop & laptop powered by Windows 7.

Part 2: Turn to a Third-party Windows Password Recovery Program

When you have neither a HP Windows 7 password recovery disc prepared nor a privileged administrator account, obviously, Windows methods are not the options you should go about with to recover your account. So what we're talking about here is resetting and recovering the sign-in password with a reliable Windows 7 password recovery tool. We'll try logging into HP computer using Tipard Windows Password Reset.

The recovery tool is an all-in-one software program that help you instantly recover the lost or forgotten Windows 7 password from any model of HP computer. It's capable of burning a password recovering disk to a USB drive or a DVD/CD in a totally automated way. It will detect all user accounts set up on the machine, and reset the passwords in a few seconds, granting you access once again.

Well you'll be taken through a couple steps to help recover Windows 7 account password on HP laptop & desktop.

Step 1 — Create a password reset disc on an operational machine

To recover the HP login password to Windows 7 system, you need to first create a password recovery disk by burning the ISO file of this software to either a USB memory drive or a CD/DVD.

Get your USB (or CD/DVD) inserted, click on Burn USB button, then the Begin burning button on the next screen.

burn disc

When the burning process is done, remove it from the workable computer and pop it into the problematic HP.

Step 2 — Boot up HP computer from USB recovery disk

At this stage, turn on your HP machine, gaze at the screen carefully as it will prompt a certain key required to enter the BIOS setup menu on the bottom position. Generally, it will be the DEL, F1, F2, F10, or Esc key.

Reference: https://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c00034791#AbT4

Hit the key repeatedly so you should reach the BIOS Setup Utility screen, as the screenshot demonstrated below (the BIOS screen may likely be a little different on different computer). If you fail, restart the machine and do this again.

Navigate to Boot tab, then move to Boot Device Priority option or the like, then change the boot order so that the HP boots from the password recovery disk you made in Step 1.

Tip: If you burned to a USB flash drive, then set USB-HDD (or USB Device, or HDD) to 1st Boot Device; otherwise, if the password reset disk you've created is on a CD/DVD, just configure the [CDROM] as the 1st Boot Device.

Once you've done so, head to Exit tab or press the Save and Exit key (see the bottom of the interface, F10 here), and save the configurations.

Step 3 — Recover Windows 7 account by removing the password on HP

The computer reboots automatically, and show you an intuitive guide on password recovery, as shown in the screenshot below.

Now, click on Windows 7 system, select the user account from the list which you want to crack the password, then click the Reset Password button.

You can reset several account passwords. Next, click Reboot button and take out of the reset disk from HP and you are done.

Now the password of the user account that you selected from the list will be removed, and you should regain access to Windows 7 on HP without password.

That's it! You've successfully recovered password to HP Windows 7 computer.

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